A ticketing platform from the future.

The Sellout platform is here to deliver the human race something it's long deserved: a smarter, simpler, and more seamless ticketing experience.

Fair Prices Forever

Fans will never pay unfair, exorbitant secondary market prices for tickets.

Secure Fan Exchange

Fans can buy, sell, or trade tickets instantly, and anonymously.

Pro(moter) Tools

Sell out your events quicker with targeted, optimized, automated marketing.

Recovered Data

Retrieve customer insights that would regularly be lost in the secondary market.


Intuitive Dashboard

Create and manage events, reach customers directly, and view your key analytics from anywhere with our cloud based dasboard.

Control The Markets

The primary and secondary markets are interwoven to ensure fair pricing for all, and customer data will never slip through the cracks.

Automated Promotion

Our AI powered marketing tools will send targeted emails, SMS, and push notifications to your audience for the shows they want to see.

The Exchange

Sell your tickets back for a refund. Buy tickets only at fair pricess. Never worry about scalpers and fraud.

The Waitlist

Show sold out? Don't lose hope! The second a show reaches max capacity, waitlists automatically form.

The Wallet

Never lose another ticket. All transactions are securely stored digitally, and tied to your name & ID..

Keep Prices Low

Confidently set fan-friendly ticket prices knowing that unfair price gouging and scalping is impossible with Sellout.

Direct Communication

Want to send your fans a special message before showtime? It's all possible with Sellout.

Squash Scalpers

Scalpers are leeches who feed off your fans. Take a stand against them by demanding that venues who book you use Sellout.

Built for High Demand

The Sellout platform was built to outperform every other ticketing solution, but where our suite of features shine brightest is in high demand settings where events sell out quickly.

High demand settings are where the biggest pain points of ticketing such as scalpers and fraud tend to rear their ugly heads. Sellout combats these problems elegantly, efficiently, and effectively.

Your Ticket's Already In Your Pocket

Welcome to a smarter ticket, brought to you by Sellout's secure, digital ecosystem.


When an event sells out, waitlists automatically form.

Obscured QR

Barcodes are obscured until date and time of show, so tickets can't be counterfeit.

Instant Upgrades

See an empty seat in the VIP section you'd like to occupy? Upgrade your ticket on the fly.

Sell Back Anytime

Plans change? No problem. Offload your ticket with just a few taps.

Pass to a Friend

Gift a ticket directly to a friend or colleague if you're feeling extra nice.

Automatic Will Call

If you drop your phone out of sheer excitement, don't worry. Your tickets are always held at will call.

Hold The Applause.

Sellout has a long roadmap of features yet to be formally announced. We are in a state of continuous innovation, and are laser focused on providing revolutionary new experiences for promoters, fans, and artists alike.

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