Lost Trail Fest

Mountain music and arts rendezvous

Friday Jul 12 - Sunday Jul 14, 2019 Starts at 12:00 PM (Jul 12) All ages are welcome.
Lost Trail Ski Area Sula, Montana
$30.00 - $300.00

About the Event

Bringing Lost Trail’s surrounding communities together under the full moon this July, celebrating what we all know Lost Trail has to offer in the beautiful summer months. Bring the whole family and your tents, your bikes, your hiking boots, bathing suits, dancing shoes, and sense of adventure!


The Higgs- https://thehiggsmusic.com/

Rotgut Whines-https://rotgutwhines.bandcamp.com/

Dead Floyd- https://deadfloyd.com/

The Skurfs- https://theskurfs.bandcamp.com/

Motorhome- https://motorhomeband.bandcamp.com/releases

Double Dirty Ocelot- Double Dirty Ocelot is Joshua Chai and Jesse Williams. Drawing inspiration from all different genres and styles, they blend perfectly emotion into sound. Their music is filled with intricate rhythms, haunting melodies, soothing harmonies and intense lyrics. Jesse uses a loop pedal to loop his guitar and vocals into big atmospheric sounds, while Joshua lays down the funkiest of beats on live drums. Let them take you on a journey into the cosmos.

Why We Came West-Transcend with us and we journey West. Though not a direction, but an idea of exploration, creation, and adventure. Connecting with the world through our heart’s song. Inspiring young & old souls alike to find their groove in days of bliss and days of hardship. Melodic, soulful, smoky songs that wander through harmony and dissonance.

Letter B- https://www.facebook.com/letterbmusic/

Dammit Lauren and the Well- https://www.reverbnation.com/thewell7

Straw Hat Riots- http://strawhatriots.com/

Lonesome Gold- https://www.facebook.com/lonesomegold/

West Fork- https://www.facebook.com/westforkmusic/

Annalisa Rose- https://www.annalisarosemusic.com/

  • Adventure Hike to the summit of Lost Trail, with surprises
  • Art Installations with interactive tie dye, face painting and community mural and craft workshops
  • Local food and craft vendors and workshops
  • So much more!- (Hiking, biking, camping, local craft beers............. on and on)

About the Venue

Lost Trail Ski Area

Lost Trail Ski Area is a family friendly environment located on Lost Trail Pass, which straddles the continental divide.

9485 U.S. 93
Sula, Montana, 59871