ChickenJam West presents


Saturday October 6, 2018 Show Ended 21+
The Filling Station Bozeman, Montana

About the Artist

So the whole Hillstomp thing. If you've been around the Northwest music scene for very long you've probably seen them or heard the name. They've been at it for 17 damn years. There are a couple misconceptions about them that we should clear up right off the bat: "They're a Blues band." ?Yes, you saw them at a Blues Festival. It works great there, but 1/3 of the set is played on a banjo, and the songs are original apart from 3 or 4 a set. "They're a jam band." ?The songs are 3-4 minutes long and there are no solos. Not one. Sure, Jam crowds dig it too, but no.

So that's what they're not. Here's what they are: 2 man band comprised of Henry Hill Kammerer who plays guitar and banjo like a damn hurricane. He can sound like 2 guitarists and a bass player by himself. John Johnson plays buckets and drums like a demon loosed from hell. And then sometimes they play inappropriately quiet and pretty songs to crowds full of bodies, sweaty from jumping, shouting and ass shaking.

The whole thing started as a love letter of sorts to North Mississippi blues played by the likes of RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. It stayed that for a few years and then started to morph. The banjo was added and they realized they had a propensity to write, so they did. It first caught on in college towns like Eugene and Olympia, but soon big cities got it too. They got real serious after a few years and good things started to happen. Tours with Reverend Horton Heat, The Devil Makes Three, Southern Culture on the Skids, Scott H Biram and a lot more. They went to Europe a bunch.

The music is kind of like going to a simpler time and place. It's raw and brutal and soft and heartfelt. They released a few independent records and then signed onto revered Portland label Fluff and Gravy alongside bands like Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sassparilla. 2018 sees the release of their 6th album, "Monster Receiver" Certainly their best record yet. What's in store for them is basically more making asses shake in your town or a town near you.

About the Venue

The Filling Station

Dating back to 1976, The Filling Station (or Filler) has been known for live music and the home of the VFW.

2005 N Rouse Ave
Bozeman, Montana, 59715