ChickenJam West presents

Modern Sons

w/ Mad Pattern, Henry + Isla

Friday March 8, 2019 Show Ended 21+
The Filling Station Bozeman, Montana

About the Artist

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Rooted in grunge and garage rock the four piece brings an ubiquitously sonic ambience with crunchy guitars and sophisticated bass lines. Organic structures are not based in a particular style of music but rooted in the expression of experience and the song itself. The Modern Sons effectively and skillfully uses textural changes of dynamic to step into another sub genre of rock they coin as Indie-Alt Rock.
“What caught my ear the most is that they are one of the few bands I have seen that is effectively and skillfully using textural changes of dynamic. What I mean by this is that from my experience most acts generally stick to one style and generally use whatever change dynamics are stereotypical to that style. They rarely venture into other territory, and as a result it is homogenized and predictable. Modern Sons is not that, they use textural dynamic changes and structures that are not based in a particular style but are rooted in the expression of experience and the song itself, resulting in soundscapes that convey a story and a destination from an epic journey. The lyrical storytelling in the vocal style combined with soaring shimmer of guitar, the grit of bass punch, and the solid, intricate thunder of drummers” ~Shiloh, Drummer for Arkheron Thodol

About the Venue

The Filling Station

Dating back to 1976, The Filling Station (or Filler) has been known for live music and the home of the VFW.

2005 N Rouse Ave
Bozeman, Montana, 59715