ChickenJam West presents

Montana Funk Fest 2019

featuring The Floozies (12 & Under FREE)

Saturday August 24, 2019 Show Ended All ages are welcome.
Cannery District Patio Bozeman, Montana
$10.00 - $30.00

About the Artist

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You’ve probably been to a Montana beer fest before, but not one like this. At Montana Funk Fest, you will have the opportunity to taste the audacious and delicious edge of beer and kombucha brewing in Montana. Eat, drink, and socialize to your heart’s content, and then, when you think the day can’t get any funkier, feast your ears on The Floozies live funk music until 10pm (full bar with ID).

There will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available at the fest and concert portions, so all ages are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the day and night with us.

Tickets purchased for the Brew festival will include the opportunity to sample an unlimited number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from funky brewers across the region!

Purchase a ticket to both the beer fest and the concert and save $5!

The 2019 Montana Funk Fest is presented by ChickenJam West Productions, Dean's Zesty Booch, Grizzly Pine Cannabis, Fermentana, State Farm - Jeff Weedin, Langlas General Contractors, Mellow Mood Pipe & Tobacco, Opportunity Mortgage, and Seven Sushi!

About the Venue

Cannery District Patio

The Cannery District Patio sits behind 406 Brewing Company, Dean's Zesty Booch, Wildrye Distillery and Seven Sushi in The Cannery District on the Northeast side of Bozeman. The goal of the Cannery District development was always to celebrate the originality of the existing buildings and revitalize them into functional, modern day versions of what they used to be. You can always build a new building, but to weave the old with the new and incorporate the rich history is what makes the Cannery District so special.

502 South 12th Avenue
Bozeman, Montana, 59715