A Wee Bit Smaller presents

Pinky and the Floyd: Top 20 Countdown

Brought to you by the Montana Narcotics Association

Thursday June 6, 2019 Show Ended All ages are welcome.
Park High School Livingston, Montana

About the Artist

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Pinky and the Floyd has recently been called the Northwest's Hottest Tribute Band! Since it's inception in 2008, Pinky has exploded in popularity, selling out nearly every show in the past 4 years. Their performances strike the perfect balance between intimacy and intensity, and their energy and stage presence is unprecedented.

"Veterans of Pink Floyd concerts were almost in awe with the sold-out performance. Pinky and the Floyd produces a wall of sound with all the bricks in tact." Pat Hill (The Bozone)

All Pinky members are professional working musicians, assembled from genres across the board, culling their expertise to produce what has clearly proven to be a successful musical venture. All told, there are over 20 bands that the members of Pinky and the Floyd are part of, spanning genres from Americana and Vintage Swing to Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Rock, Blues and on and on... They see their varied backgrounds as strength in diversity, knowing that each member "...unconsciously affects the overall sound. As players, musicians and artists, whatever you've got comes with you..." And between 9 of them, they've got a lot.

"Hands down, the best show we've been to! Thank you for making our 4 hour drive worth while!" Rebecca Fetzer Quillen

Pinnky and the Floyd has a big sound and is an experience not soon forgotten. You can expect albums in their entirety, and a little something from every Floyd genre; from Syd Barrett to Division Bell, and everything in between!


Luke Flansburg (guitar, vocals)

Dustin Tucker (guitar, vocals)

John Sanders (bass)

Joe Kirchner (keys)

Drew Fleming (drums)

Tyler Schlutz (keys)

Jake Fleming (sax, acoustic guitar)

Jeni Fleming (vocals)

Krista Barnett (vocals)

Chuck Goodwin (sound engineer)

About the Venue

Park High School

Park High School is known for its quality of education, its exceptional faculty, and its 21st century facility. We are academically rigorous, while recognizing that each young woman and man brings to us a unique self, with a unique history, capabilities, and interests. Students, when you leave this school on graduation day, you leave as adults. We challenge you to be full participants in your education so that all doors leading to your future are open to you.

102 View Vista Dr
Livingston, Montana, 59047