Musik Lives Here presents

The Boogie Bash

Friday October 26, 2018 Show Ended 21+
The Filling Station Bozeman, Montana

About the Artist

Boogie Bash presented by Musik Lives Here
Project Aspect, Lucid Vision, Ampathy, Sqwuanch
A Halloween inspired event
The Filling Station
$12 in costume, $15 If not dressed up
Sound and lighting provided by Musik Lives Here.

Project Aspect
“In 2008, Jay Jaramillo developed ProJect Aspect, a progressive new paradigm for exploring music and engaging with the community. With over 12 years of dedicated musical experience, three of which were spent producing electronic music, Jaramillo has honed a highly developed style instantly recognizable and uniquely his own. With a pair of the fastest hands in the business and the unbridled passion of an inspired genius, Project Aspect wears his heart on his sleeve and lays his soul bare in every track he creates. His style encompasses everything from stunningly gorgeous electronic anthems featuring sultry female vocals to explosive, window-shattering, dance-floor bangers. Project Aspect is rapidly garnering support throughout the national electronic community and has shared the stage with artists such as STS9, EOTO, Break Science, VibeSquaD, Unlimited Gravity and many more. With a personal music library as expansive as the spectrum of human emotions, Jay has orchestrated his musical journey around providing an exceptionally unpredictable, unprecedented live performance. Project Aspect is only just beginning, and he has already performed at several noteworthy sites such as Imagine Festival, Suwannee Hulaween, Sonic Bloom Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, CounterPoint Festival and Global Dance Festival at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Each set is composed of entirely original material, and every show is an utterly inimitable occasion of phenomenally relevant artistic expression and creative brilliance. Co-founder of The Mile High Sound Movement artist collective and record label”.
-Ethan Baer (

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Lucid Vision
- Music with intention -
Spreading light through sound, Lucid Vision takes listeners to a melodic realm of electronic genre bends. Combining the unique world of designed sound with live guitar/ukulele, Lucid Vision demonstrates a natural balance of live-electronic music. Infinite potential unfolds as you delve into the high-energy, soulful experience, which then leaves listeners in an inspirational state.

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About the Venue

The Filling Station

Dating back to 1976, The Filling Station (or Filler) has been known for live music and the home of the VFW.

2005 N Rouse Ave
Bozeman, Montana, 59715